Family Life Center

2100 Ludington
Escanaba, Michigan   49829


Rev. David & Jeannie Shaffer
Pastor/Youth/Sunday School/Music
Rev. Robert and Elaine Childress

Service Schedule
10:00 am - Sunday School
7:00 pm - Bible Study
7:00 pm - Kids for Christ Youth

Mailing Address
PO Box 291
Escanaba, MI 49829

Pastor Shaffer received his ministerial license in 2000 and has started 2 churches in Arizona.  He has a love for the truth and stands firm on the Word of God.  Pastor Shaffer has worked with the Youth Department, Children's church, outreach, bus driver, janitor, and in many other capacities within the church since he was a young adult. 

Mrs. Shaffer has spoken at Ladies meetings and have been over several committees.  She has written a book that is in the process of being published.

Rev. Robert Childress and Mrs. Childress serve Family Life Center in many different capacities. Rev. Rob Childress received his ministerial license in 1997.  He has served on the Arizona Youth Board and pastored a church in Benson, Arizona.  He assists Pastor Shaffer in all areas of the ministry.  

Mrs. Childress serves as Sunday school teacher, in the Music Department and Youth Department.